The Pizza Restaurant Contessa Gubbio has been a renowned destination for the people of Gubbio for more than twenty years. A family-run restaurant, offering traditional local Umbrian dishes, pizza and a selected wine list. The restaurant, recently renovated, features spacious rooms with modern furnishings. The pizza restaurant Contessa Gubbio is next to the bar, just at the top of the stairs, on the left. At our restaurant you can taste the best culinary specialities of Gubbio and of the Umbrian cuisine, with HUGE value for money.

Why preparing pizzas with wholemeal?

Wholemeal pizza has very good digestibility and is very rich in natural fibres. It is perfect for those who wish to eat the traditional Italian speciality while paying attention to the nutritional aspect as well. Ideal for those who follow weight loss diets and don’t want to give up the pleasure of delicious food.
Wholemeal pizza can easily replace the traditional one thanks to the preservation of all typical properties of this special dish: its crispness and crumbliness, and its delicious stuffing as well.
Moreover, among the benefits of wholemeal pizza compared to the one prepared with white flour, we find the lower carcinogenic effect, in addition to the reduction of fat absorption and the minor stress of the digestive system, thus considerably reducing cholesterol.

The Pizza Restaurant Contessa Gubbio has ten-year-long experience in the preparation of pizza with wholemeal.

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