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The predominant colour is white, which makes rooms brighter. The environment wherein you will spend your break or evening will be very plesant, as we’ve taken care of making all the environment really welcoming and comfortable.

Our displays of wines represent a particular decorative element: we have chosen to place the bottles within cavities made in the walls of the rooms, in order to enhance their importance as queens of the meal table, and declare our passion for fine wines.

Our place is not just a restaurant, but a pizzeria also: on the menu you will find a wide selection of excellent local Umbrian dishes and delicious soft pizzas. In our kitchen, the chef selects the most healthy and genuine ingredients, with care and attention, so as to make every dish truly genuine and delicious: indeed quality is our main goal. Your lunches or suppers at Restaurant Contessa will always turn into tastings of exquisite delicacy.

We wait for you in our restaurant in Gubbio, where you will have the opportunity to taste the best local products and get to know, or rediscover, the gastronomic Umbrian tradition. We wait for you to enjoy pleasant moments together, amid amusement and pleasures of food. The Pizza Restaurant Contessa is the perfect place for your moments of delicacy, at all times.

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The Pizza Restaurant Contessa Gubbio has ten-year-long experience in the preparation of pizza with wholemeal.

Why preparing pizzas with wholemeal?

Wholemeal pizza has very good digestibility and is very rich in natural fibres. It is perfect for those who wish to eat the traditional Italian speciality while paying attention to the nutritional aspect as well. Ideal for those who follow weight loss diets and don’t want to give up the pleasure of delicious food.
Wholemeal pizza can easily replace the traditional one thanks to the preservation of all typical properties of this special dish: its crispness and crumbliness, and its delicious stuffing as well.
Moreover, among the benefits of wholemeal pizza compared to the one prepared with white flour, we find the lower carcinogenic effect, in addition to the reduction of fat absorption and the minor stress of the digestive system, thus considerably reducing cholesterol.





Address Details
Strada Statale della Contessa, 6, 06024 Gubbio PG, Italy
Phone: 0759277256